In 2010 Vittorio Parisi has conducted in Rome the first performance out of United Kingdom of the opera “For You” on music by MICHAEL BERKELEY and words by IAN MC EWAN. Recording will be soon available on request.  The Italian Radiotelevision (RAI) will broadcast a special program on the Rome performance on Tuesday December 14. The program will be available starting from December 15 on RAI website
In 2008  he conducted the first Italian performance of “Mosaic” by ELLIOTT CARTER in Rome.
In 2006 he conducted the first Australian perfomance of PHILIP GLASS  “Concerto for 2 timpanists and orchestra” with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra in Sydney Opera House. Recording is available on request.
Vittorio Parisi has a longtime friendship and collaboration with MAGNUS LINDBERG, actually Composer- in- Residence at New York Philharmonic, also premiering his work “Ritratto” in Milan.
He has worked with JOHN CAGE conducting the first Italian performance of “30 pieces for 5 Orchestras” along with LUCIANO BERIO. The collaboration with BERIO continued also conducting along with him his work “Halleluja II” and obtaining the permission to conduct “Requies” as a ballet music in Rome Opera House.
Maestro Parisi has been chosen by GOFFREDO PETRASSI to conduct the celebration for his 80 years both in Rome with Rome Radio Symphony Orchestra than in his hometown for his birthday and for the First Performance of “Laudes Creaturarum”.
He has been friend of NICCOLO’ CASTIGLIONI conducting several of his works, world premiere of “Sinfonietta” in Milan included.
Maestro Parisi has worked  for HENRY POUSSEUR starting in the 80’s conducting “Crosses of Crossed Colors” and ” Troisieme Vue sur le Jardin Interdits” until 2003 conducting “Rimes” for orchestra and tape.
He has worked with others prominent composers like GIACINTO SCELSI, AZIO CORGHI, FRANCO DONATONI, IVAN FEDELE, SERGIO CALLIGARIS and followed a masterclass with KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN.Vittorio Parisi is Artistic Director and First Conductor of dĂ©dalo ensemble, one of the best European ensembles for Contemporary Music. 
He organizes from 2000 the “…a Camillo Togni Composition Competition” hosting in the jury big names of Contemporary music such as MAGNUS LINDBERG, AZIO CORGHI, HENRY POUSSEUR, ROBIN HOLLOWAY, IVAN FEDELE, IVAN VANDOR, MICHAEL LEVINAS, JEAN LUC HERVE’, PHILIPPE HERSANT, REINER GOEBBELS and many others.

* First Performances 
**  First Performances in Italy 
*** Performances prepared with the Composer. 
G.BATTISTELLI  Teorema (2 acts opera) ***
L.BERIO               Variations for Chamber OrchestraAlleluja II ***
O King
Folk Songs
C.BOCCADORO Cadillac Moon *  ***
Ultrafragola  *  ***
I cavoli a merenda   ***
P.BOULEZ            DĂ©rive I
Le Marteau sans Maitre
J.CAGE                  30 pieces for 5 Orchestras **  ***
S.CALLIGARIS    Toccata, Adagio and Fugue *  ***
Double Concerto *   ***
Piano Concerto  ***
Choreographic Scenes
E.CARTER            Mosaic **
Tempo e tempi
N.CASTIGLIONI  Sinfonietta *  *** 
Inverno in-ver
Musical Moments
A.CORGHI             Hop Frog
Suite Dodo
Poudre d’Ofelia **  ***
Ite bellu **  ***
Pia (1 act opera) ** ***
L.DALLAPICCOLALittle Concert for Muriel Couvreux
4 Songs by Machado
2 Lyrics by Anacreonte
Little Night Music
Divertimento in 4 esercizi
F.DONATONI         Voci
Le Ruisseau sur l’Escalier ***
Etwas Ruhiger im AusdrĂĽck
LumenTema ***
Duo pour Bruno
I.FEDELE                  EposCello Concerto nr 2 *   ***
P.GLASS                   Concerto for 2 Timpanists and Orchestra
G.GRISEY                Talea
G. LIGETI                   Fragment
M.LINDBERG           Ritratto  *   ***
B.MADERNA          Don Perlimplin (radio opera)
A.PART                    Requiem for Benjamin Britten
F.PENNISI                Description of Ferdinandean Island (1 act opera) *   ***
Sylvia Simplex
G.PETRASSI             Concerts for Orchestra n° 2,3,4 ***
La Noche Oscura
Poems for Strings and Trumpets.
Flute Concerto
Laudes Creaturarum *  ***                           
Chamber Sonata for Harpsichord and 10 Instruments.
Grand Septuor ***
Coro di morti ***
2 lyrics by  Saffo ***
H. POUSSEUR         Crosses of crossed colors   ***
Rime pour différent sources sonores
S.REICH                    Octet
A.REIMANN            Sieben Fragmente fur Robert Schumann
S.RENDINE               Lucia! (Opera) *   ***
Orlando *  ***
N.ROTA                    La strada  (The Road) 
Suite from the Ballet
G.SCELSI                 Kya  ***
Pranam II  ***
S.SCIARRINO           The country without dawn
Through the Gates
M.TARALLI             The Mask of Punkitititi  (2 acts opera) * ***
M.TORKE               Telephon books
C.TOGNI                  Aubade per 6
Some Other Where
Rondeaux per 10 ***
Barrabas (opera in un atto)
Du Bleicher Geselle
I.VANDORCrossed letters
In memoriam Tadeusz Moll
P.VASKS                  Voices
B.A.ZIMMERMAN Oboe Concerto